Tips on Space-Smart Condo Living

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Excited to move-in to your new condo, but wondering how to organize and make all your stuff fit with limited space? There’s no need to worry. With just some creativity and patience, you’re sure to maximize every space of your condo.

So if you found a condo for rent in Makati or BGC or you want to buy affordable condo for sale here in the Philippines, take a look at these four smart ways on how to organize and store all your things and belongings in your unit.

Make the division clear.
A storage solution can help you define space. A simple shelf where you can store all your books, magazines, cookbooks, and even your kid’s toys can create a division and separate-feeling bedroom in your condominium. Aside from providing ample storage, it can also bridge your living room and your bedroom which makes the division clear.

Dual purpose.

Well, if you are living in a small condo, you have to make everything nice and tidy. With storage ottomans, you can hide away the things that you need under your seat and out of the way when you don’t. Now, it’s easy and useful at the same time.

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Make them blend in.
No more space on the floor to put your things? No problem, you have a huge wall. Wall hung storage can be very useful and even decorative if you make them blend in with your surroundings. With this, it can give a visual impact while freeing up ample space in your cabinet and other storage.

A hidden wall.
Your mirror can also be a good storage to hide all your accessories. Get a mirror with jewelry storage so you don’t have to have a separate cabinet and drawers. It would not only help you store things but can also help you spend less time looking for your accessories to match your outfit.

Maximizing your condo space makes you feel smarter and efficient with your daily tasks. You can also discover your artistic self and make fabulous designs in your condo.

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