Space-Smart Tips: Designing the Ideal Condo for College Students

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One of the growing pains of parents is to introduce their children to the world of independent living. Finding a suitable place for them to grow their dreams can be challenging. Some can afford to buy an affordable condo for sale near schools, while some find it more convenient renting one. Whichever option one chooses, parents still have to ensure that their children’s living space is conducive for learning. 

Here are some space-smart tips to design the ideal condo for college students.

Hanging Shelves
Scattered books and papers make a room look crowded. Hanging shelves help you organize these documents and can even provide an accent to bare walls. 

Mirrors have more use than a quick selfie. It brings in more light and makes your condo look bigger and brighter.  

There shouldn’t be any wasted space when you live in a condo. Every nook and corner can be utilized as a storage solution. Challenge yourself to be more creative in organizing clutter. You can draw inspiration from online references, like this virtual tour of a space-smart condo in Manila.

Study Area
Of course, having a study area is the most important thing for a college student. Modern space-saving folding tables, can also function as cool workstations. Add a desk lamp, to make the area well-lit for reading and making kick-ass presentations.


Parents can’t always be there for their children. There comes a time when they have to teach them the value of being independent. And the best way to do this is to ensure that they are in a comfortable and secure place that feels like home.

If you are looking for that perfect place for your kid, you may check-out these space-smart condos.

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