5 Reasons Why YOU Should Start Cooking for Yourself

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Living independently has its perks. You get to pursue your passions and enjoy a lifestyle at your own terms.

However, living carelessly can take a toll on your health if you take your eating habits for granted. Remember that your body is your biggest investment. So, taking care of what you put inside your body allows you to do more things and indulge life at its fullest.

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You can definitely live a sweeter life by adapting your condo space to include a functional kitchen which may also include an indoor mini-herb garden for your cooking.

You should also definitely learn to cook for yourself. Living by yourself in a condo unit is one big opportunity to sharpen those knife skills and develop your cooking chops! (pun intended)

Here are several reasons for you to start cooking for yourself:

Helps in weight management

Sure, it is much more convenient to order food with just a tap on your phone or go out to the nearest fast food joint but as servings of fast foods get bigger and bigger so is your waistline.

When you cook the food yourself you have portion control and you will know exactly what you are eating.

Healthier foods

Cooking food at home by yourself ensures that you are using ingredients that are healthy. You can opt not to use preservatives and additives to ensure the nutritional value of your food is at its optimum level.

In addition, most ingredients nowadays that are used for commercial production of food are genetically-modified. It helps companies to lower the food cost, however, the value and nutrition will never be at par with naturally grown ingredients and produce. Moreover, according to Philippine Council for Health Research and Development (PCHRD), GMOs are proven to cause allergies, antibiotic resistance, muscle weakness, and multiple sclerosis-like symptoms to humans.

Cooking is rewarding

The hustle and bustle of the city can be very stressful.

Why not take some downtime and just play with a new recipe. Take your own spin on it. Cooking is both an art and science and can be therapeutic.

Rethinking expenses

Did you know that two orders of extra rice from a fast food are already equivalent to the price of one kilo of uncooked rice?

Did you know that 1 kilo of dressed chicken can last for 2-3 meals but it is just roughly the same price as one burger meal with fries and drink?

So, if you just cook a simple meal for yourself. You’re definitely saving some hard-earned cash.

It’s a basic life skill

One of the three basic human needs is food. And it is only rational that each and every human should at least have some basic knowledge and ability to prepare food for himself.

It is one those skills which you can learn and then benefit from it for a lifetime.

What are you waiting for?

Thousands of recipes online are just waiting for you online. Just search for something quick and easy if you’re just starting out.

Bust out your knife and chopping board and start experimenting in your own kitchen!

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